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PSR Style Database
for owners of YAMAHA keyboards
  Midi Database
What is it for?

The program is for managing collections of

  • style files
    (*.sty, *.bcs, *.fps, *.pcs, *.prs, *.pst, *.scp, *.sst)
    used for accompaniment on YAMAHA1 keyboards

  • midi files
    (*.mid, *.kar)
    so it is also usefull if you do not own such a keyboard.

The need for such a program arises if there is a large collection of style or midi files. Finding styles/midis in such a collection can be a very time consuming task. Using this program you can perform this very quickly.

Main features:

  • Cataloguing of style and midi files.
  • Searching for certain files according various criterias.
  • Very fast operation even with 50000 or more files.
  • Full automatic database handling.
  • Allows to store user defined data.
  • Allows manual cataloguing of the files.
  • Files can be copied, moved, renamed...
  • Data lists can be printed and exported.
  • Can show and filter duplicate files.
  • Supports external player and editor programs for playing/manipulating the files.

Special feature for style files:

  • Because of the huge number of available style files, manual cataloguing of styles is too great an effort (at least for one person or a small group). So this program utilizes an automatic "genre guessing" mechanism which catalogues the style by examining the style file itself.

The database program does NOT modify the style/midi files in any way.

Free download and usage

Free download of the current version (for Windows 95 and newer versions)
is available from the Download Page.

Screenshot (style mode)

Comments ?

Any comments, suggestions or problem reports would be most welcome.
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