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Producer - Features
The following gives an overview of the basic features to create a midi file based on a keyboard style.
There are much more posibilities than shown here.
Create a backing midi song by just entering chords

Creation of a midi song starts by selecting one of the templates for your specific keyboard or by opening a standard midi file (e.g. already containing the melody part). It is also possible to start with a XF midi, karaoke midi, BIAB midi, PSR Quick or Multi Record midi, PSR Step Record Midi or Expanded PSR Step Record midi. If the file contains chord, lyric, karaoke, tempo or step record events, these will display automatically.

If the file is loaded the chords can be entered by double clicking on any field in the "Chord" row and selecting the chord from the list.

After entering the chords the result is ready to be played over a keyboard, connected to the PC using a MIDI or USB cable. Just press the "Play" button so start it.
Playing the song for audition is possible at any time during the creation process.

Use a different style for the song

To use a different style just double click on the first field in the "Style" row and select a style from the list.
It is also possible to use different styles throughout the song.
For this double click on any field in the "Style" row and select another style.

Organize the song by adding layout markers

To get a better overview it is possible to mark parts of the song as intro, verse, chorus,...
For this double click on any field in the "Song Layout" row and select a marker.

Use different style sections for parts of the song

To get more variety in the song it is possible to use different style sections. For this double click on any field in the "Section" row and select any style section.

Mute selected accompaniment tracks for parts of the song

Any of the accompaniment tracks can be muted/unmuted or changed in volume at any point in the song.
For this double click on any field in the corresponding row (Rhythm 1 Vol, Rhythm 2 Vol,...) and select a new setting. It is also possible to add an fade in or fade out effect.

Add lyrics to the song

To add lyrics double click on any field in the "Lyrics" row and enter the text.

Call a sequencer (or other tools) from Producer

To be able to add a melody, any midi effect or manipulate other advanced features of the midi file it is possible to pass the current work to any midi sequencer or various midi tools.
For this select a program to be called from the Tools menu.

If everything is finished the midi file may be transfered to the keyboard (using an USB stick, data connection or floppy disc) and expanded into a full midi file, which can be played with any midi player.

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